Objectile (Bernard Cache, Patrick Beaucé)


The Objectile atelier, founded in 1996 by Patrick Beaucé and Bernard Cache, is a research laboratory in the field of digital design and architecture that creates “non-standard” objects utilizing the most advanced available technologies. A precursor of research on computational architecture, Objectile blends engineering, mathematics, technology and philosophy to develop and industrially produce curved and variable forms at every scale for sculpture, design, furnishings, architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture. More than just the name of a firm, Objectile is a concept created by Bernard Cache and further developed by Gilles Deleuze in The Fold (1988). It is a new definition of the object, no longer thought of as having an essential or definitive form, but rather one that is a mathematical function that takes its place within a “continuum through variation.” Through the creation of decorative wall panels in wood, screen walls, decorated trays with complex forms and objects derived from the torus form (etc.), the Objectile Production Numérique workshop, opened in Metz, France in 2002, enables them to control the entire chain of production from beginning to end, i.e., from computer assisted design to manufacturing. They now produce singular objects through industrial processes, for which “each form can lead to unlimited variations.”

An Architect educated at the EPFL in Lausanne (1983), graduate of the ESSEC (1985) and the Institut Polytechnique de Philosophie under the direction of Gilles Deleuze (1986), Bernard Cache is a founder and director of the Digital Production Laboratory of the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and lectures around the globe. Patrick Beaucé, an artist-designer, teaches at the École des Beaux-arts in Valenciennes, France, working in the field of design and interior architecture (Headquarters of Air France, creation of many stage and film sets and decors). Through the Objectile atelier, which they founded in 1996, and the Objectile Production Numérique workshop (2002), Patrick Beaucé and Bernard Cache design architecture projects (Pallas House in Kuala Lumpur with dECOi in 1997; Pavillon de L’Orme, 2001...), develop industrial designs (SNCF), and publish writings on architectural theory. Their work has been shown notably at ArchiLab (Orleans, 1999), at the Festival of Architecture (Florence, 2002), and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (Architectures non standard, 2003).

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