For IaN+, architecture is not a fixed object but rather a system of relations and constant exchanges. The space in which they intervene is not a simple landscape but a living system. They consider the construction and the building as an open and variable field of experimentation. IaN+ rethinks the program through topological diagrams, mapping the activities that will take place inside the building. Between a landscape and the human beings that inhabit it, architecture appears as a sort of interference that must address the issues of a new ecology. They designed their different projects from the perspective of this “New Ecology,” more temporal than spatial and more relational than natural. For example, the Parking Building Nuovo Salario (Rome, 2001-2008) becomes a garage whose façade is intended to “qualify” and equip the public space. The Sportcity project considers sport as a phenomenon to be utilized for structuring territorial development. Through the very process of architectural creation itself, IaN+ offers to rethink the evolution and the future of the relationship between space and matter.

IaN+, an internationally renowned firm founded in Rome in 1997, has developed a multi-disciplinary platform blending theoretical research and architectural practice. It is structured around a core group of three people of very different educational backgrounds and experience with Carmelo Baglivo and Luca Galofaro ensuring the “architectural” side and Stefania Manna the engineering side of the practice. In 2004, they won the international competition for the Titot Glass Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. They also deliver training in workshops and have taught at the University of Pennsylvania (2005) and at Cornell University’s Rome Program (2006). Their work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the globe. Presented at Taipei in conjunction with the 2008 Archilab exposition, in 2009 they also participated in the international colloquium entitled L’Enjeu Capital(es) at the Centre Pompidou. That same year they won the Gold Medal for Architecture at the Milan Triennale.

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